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Server Status:
Gracia Epilogue PTS - S2
Mandatory rules

Main rules

  • 1.1 Playing on the server is free. According to this, the administration is providing technical and program services for the server with their means and free will.
  • 1.2 Due to the possibilities, the administration will try to solve players' problems.

Administration Policy

  • 2.1 Not knowing the rules will not free you from the responsiblity
  • 2.2 The administration does not guarantee server's and services constant operation and is not responsible for any damages that may be incurred due to the circumstances of which can be caused by termination of functionality of the server, or by conection failure, by program defects or any other undesirable situation which may occure while playing.
  • 2.3 The administration reserves the right to manage the server and any virtual value obtained in the game on every account.
  • 2.4 It is prohibited to sell or exchange virtual valuables, accounts and gaming characters for real money or other material values. Players in such action will be locked forever from accessing their accounts.
  • 2.5 The administration reserves the right to terminate the service without explaining the reason.
  • 2.6 The administration decides itself how to punish the player for violation of the rules.
  • 2.7 The administration reserves the right to change the rules without asking.
  • 2.8 The administration reserves the right to change, renew, extend and cancel program side of the service at its sole discretion without asking.
  • 2.9 The administration will not restore player's lost items and characters.

Characters and accounts

  • 3.1 Fill in the form correctly when registering. It is prohibited to use obscene words and expressions. Do not enter a non-existent or someone else's e-mail address. Accounts created in violation of the rules will be deleted by the administration.
  • 3.2 The holder of the account is fully responsible for all the actions taken from its consumer records.
  • 3.3 Joint ownership fo an account is prohibited.
  • 3.4 Password must be known for only the account holder. Do not tell your Password to anyone. Administration will not ask you for the password.
  • 3.5 For the password you should use different combinations of the numbers, symbols and letters. The password should not contain or reapeat an account name, your real name, your telephone number or other information about the owner.
  • 3.6 Try to avoid entering your password on someone else's computer. There are special programs, keyboard spies that are quite common in internet cafes.
  • 3.7 You must have installed an antivirus program on your computer. Frequently update the virus base.
  • 3.8 Be aware of unauthorized and unreliable links, Images, videos, programs and sites to which so-called Trojans and key spies can be linked, that will allow other users to take advantage of your password.
  • 3.9 Periodically check your email and retain it in working condition. Deactivation pf the mail can let someone else to register with same a new mail and misuse.
  • 3.10 The server administration discusses emails only from registered mail accountants.
  • 3.11 It is prohibited to name the characters the names without any need, for future selling, for exchange or for similar actions.
  • 3.12 It is prohibited to exchange an account or a character on another account in the game.

Our Game Policy

  • 4.1 It is prohibited to use the programs that are capable of any kind of impact on working process of client-server, it is forbidden to use chit-programs that facilitate the gaming process to gain advantage over other players.
  • 4.2 It is forbidden to use bot programs that emulates the player's game play.
  • 4.3 Flood is forbidden. Flood is prohibited in the person's personal correspondence if the recipient does not want it
  • 4.4 It is forbidden to use Non-acceptable Vocabulary against other players in the chat, to insult, threat, extort, blackmail, national or religious slur, misinformation, dissemination of rumors about server, administration or players.
  • 4.5 It is prohibited to trick the players, to mislead them on behalf of the administrator, to create intentionaly similar characters in the names of the admin characters, as well as in the game in the real relationship and around the game.
  • 4.6 It is prohibited for the players to drop a large number of items, to paint with items and lock the exits. Such action can be considered as an attempt to interrupt the normal operation of the server.
  • 4.7 t is prohibited to make announcements about leaving and to call other players on quiting the game.
  • 4.8 It is prohibited to use inaccuracies and bugs found on the server, publicly writing and distributing them. For this, there is a special report form for the administration.

For violating the rules administration will take the following actions:

  • 5.1 Temporary suspension of an account or a character.
  • 5.2 To confiscate the Virtual items or status which were obtained with the heko of server-side bugs, inaccuracies or prohibited programs.
  • 5.3 To cancel and delete account and a character. Can also be used against any registered accounts of the player.
  • 5.4 To block IP address and ban from accessing the project resources.
  • 5.5 To Block directly the computer despite of IP address and from accessing the project resources.
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