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  • Subject of the Rules
  • This document establishes the Rules, solely subject to which the User has the right to use the Services in order to participate in the Gameplay.
  • In accordance with the terms of these Rules, the Administration provides the User with the opportunity to use the Game around the clock, with the exception of the time for maintenance work and other circumstances that prevent the User from accessing the Game.
  • Additional terms
  • For proper use of the Services, the User must comply with the minimum system and technical requirements for equipment.
  • The administration does not refund game values lost due to the loss of access to the account by the User. However, the Administration may, at its discretion, return the game values lost by the User in cases of error, failure, hacking or other malfunction of the server software.
  • The administration is not responsible for the loss of game values in case of untimely updating of the game client through the updater. The player is obliged to complete each game launch through the updater in order to avoid errors.
  • The administration does not exchange game values for real money.
  • User rights and obligations
  • When registering, the User selects a nickname, login, password, which will allow the User to be identified among other Users of the Services. The user is obliged to inform the Administration of reliable registration data.
  • With the permission of the Administration, the User has the right to change his password. At the same time, the User is obliged to independently ensure non-disclosure (secret) of his password and other necessary data and, accordingly, is responsible for non-storage and disclosure of his password, as well as all risks (losses) associated with this.
  • The user does not have the right to “resell” the services provided by the Administration to third parties and to derive any other benefit from them.
  • The user does not have the right to distribute information aimed at illegally obtaining passwords for access to the characters of the Game, as well as distribute links to sites with similar information.
  • The User agrees to respect and correctly treat other Users and the Administration of the Game, namely:

                - Do not use profanity in public game chat rooms and forums;

                - Do not threaten violence and physical harm;

                - not to disseminate in any way materials propagating or expressing rejection or hatred of any religion, culture, race, nation, people, language, politics, ideology or social movement;

                - do not advertise directly or indirectly porn sites, drugs and resources containing such information, including, but not limited to: do not post materials with pornographic images of minors and (or) advertisements on                 involving minors as performers for participation in entertainment events of a pornographic nature , do not publish information about the methods, methods of development, manufacture and use of narcotic drugs,                 psychotropic substances and their precursors, places of pri the acquisition of such drugs, substances and their precursors, about the methods and places of cultivation of drug-containing plants, not to publish                 information on methods of committing suicide, as well as calls for committing suicide, as well as to commit other similar actions.

  • The user is prohibited from disseminating information that does not correspond to reality (rumors, slander) about the game service of the Game, the Administration, employees of the Administration and other Users. It is forbidden to use terminology in the names and titles of game characters, implying the endowment of a game character / game guild with administrative functions, or impersonating an Administration's authorized representative.
  • When communicating in the Game through chat services, it is forbidden to send messages containing the same text continuously. Sending such a message is allowed at intervals of one identical message per minute. An exception is a message about trading in-game items in a trading chat.
  • The User may not restrict the access of other Users to the Game or prevent other Users from using the Game. It is forbidden to climb onto textures (rocks, hills, etc.) if access there is available only with the help of the Wyvern. It is forbidden to interfere in the gameplay for other players, mechanically restricting their access in the location to the NPC. It is forbidden by any action to cause critical errors in other players.
  • The user agrees not to transmit any information or software that contains viruses or other harmful components, as well as to perform other actions that are contrary to the norms of applicable law or international law.
  • The user is prohibited from posting on the Administration Resources information that is of an advertising nature.
  • The user is prohibited from using the game values and / or game advantages that were received by him as a result of a violation by third parties (users) of these Rules.
  • It is forbidden to disclose confidential or knowingly false information about another User.
  • It is forbidden to sell, buy, exchange, transfer, receive game items or access to someone else’s account for non-game funds or funds not provided for in the project. It is forbidden to exchange any game values between any servers or games. It is forbidden to discuss such transactions. An attempt to transfer any transactions to in-game chat rooms (VKontakte, Skype, Mumble, etc.) is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to use names or images that violate these rules in the names of game characters and pets, as well as in the names and symbols of game clans and alliances. Use foul language and insults in character titles.
  • It is forbidden to transfer the account to third parties, as well as receiving accounts from third parties. Transferring the account to another person, you and only you are responsible for the safety of the items and account. If you give an account to a third party or log in to someone else’s account, the owner of which violated the rules of the project, you will be blocked with it.
  • It is forbidden to sell accounts (including for game currency). It is forbidden to transfer the account and characters to other persons, even as a gift.
  • It is forbidden to use software or devices emulating a player’s presence in the Game (including, but not limited to: pressing keys with matches, coins, special additional software of the mouse or keyboard, younger brother, etc.), replacing the standard Client accepted administration for the base. The player is also required to fully control the gameplay and respond to checks by Game Masters.
  • It is forbidden to use software that interferes with the normal functioning of the server software or interfere with the exchange of information (data packets) between the server and the client.
  • It is forbidden to resort to hacking, attempting to hack and / or intercept data coming to the server or from the server, as well as to deliberately bypass the restrictions provided by the Administration (window limit, hardware blocking by hwid, etc.)
  • The user is prohibited from benefiting from bugs (server malfunctions, game errors), including problems with the geodata. It is forbidden to use hard-to-reach textures for farm monsters and bosses. It is forbidden to use the similarity of textures of game objects, as well as nicknames of game characters to deceive other players. The user undertakes to immediately report an error to the administration server.
  • The user has the right to compensation in case of detection and timely informing the administration about the shortcomings and errors of the game.
  • The user is prohibited from hiding information about server players who know how to implement a server bug, as well as about other players who have violated server rules.
    • The user is prohibited from using non-standard fonts for messages in the technical support section of the forum.
    • It is forbidden to write about your leaving the server or leaving a group of people from the server, as well as encouraging other players to stop the game.
    • It is forbidden to sell clans / alliances, as well as castles, including for game currency.
    • It is forbidden to organize any kind of quizzes, casinos, sweepstakes, etc., which entail a way to profit from other players.
    • It is forbidden to gain access to the account of third parties, transfer of game values ​​from the characters of third parties, as well as facilitate such transfer. It is forbidden to steal (scam) the game property, character or account by selecting or stealing the password for the account (or registration mail) or by deceiving (or breaching the trust) the owner of the game values ​​or account. The possibility of restoring the stolen game property is decided individually after the player’s appeal. The administration does not guarantee the return of stolen game property.
    • It is forbidden to steal (scam) items or to assist in the theft or abuse of the trust of other players for personal gain.
    • It is forbidden to cheat players and any fraudulent activities that are capable of causing material or moral harm to another player. An exception to the rule are: contractual fights at the Olympics, as well as the agreement of the players about pumping. In these situations, the administration does not interfere with the arrangements of the players.
    • The user must set a strong password and account binding by IP / HWID. Responsibility for the security of the account lies with the user. In the event that a theft of game values was made from an account on which no binding was established, the administration has the right not to restore game values.
    • Prohibited deliberate gulf of PVP points on twins.
    • No cheating
    • It is forbidden to sell non-game values in the chat for gaming or other means not foreseen on the project.
  • The rights and obligations of the User apply to the game, website, forum, Facebook, Instagram and other official pages.
  • It is forbidden to spam a trade, a request to a group, a request to friend to other players. Thus interfering with the normal game for this player.
  • Messages about selling game values or recruiting into a clan, group, etc., are prohibited if this message does not apply to the server on which you send them.