0. General rule: The administrator is always right.
1. The main provisions:
1.1 This server is free. Accordingly, the administration deals with it solely at its own expense and exclusively at its own request.
1.2 Maintaining server health is not a priority for the administration.
1.3 Based on the foregoing, the administration does not guarantee the operability of the server as well as the safety of information on it and the continuation of work on it.
1.4 The administration, as far as possible, helps to resolve the problems that arise, but does not give any guarantees.
2. Administration policy:
2.1 Ignorance or misunderstanding of the rules does not exempt from liability for their violation.
2.2 All changes to the rules are retroactive, unless otherwise agreed.
2.3 The system of legislation of the server is not precedent, that is, the existence of a precedent does not guarantee its repetition.
2.4. The server administration does not guarantee reliable operation in the provision of services, and is also not liable for damage that may be caused to users due to interruptions in communication lines, erroneous use of the services provided, software defects and other actions that may lead to undesirable situations.
2.5. The server administration does not deal with issues related to the purchase or sale of characters, items of game equipment.
2.6. The administration reserves the right to dispose of all game objects on all accounts at its discretion.
2.7 It is forbidden to buy / sell game values ​​for real money.
2.8 It is forbidden to buy / sell / exchange characters, even for game money.
2.9 It is forbidden to exchange game values ​​between servers.
2.10 All accounts belonging to one player may be subject to sanctions for violation of the rules on one of them.
2.11 An attempt to violate the rules may amount to a complete violation.
3. Server administration reserves the right to:
3.1 Deny the provision of services without explanation.
3.2 Evaluate the actions of users and impose sanctions on them in cases not provided for by these rules, if it considers it necessary.
3.3 Consider and make decisions on collective applications from users.
3.4. Modify these rules without the consent of users.
3.5 Make changes to the server, services, and services, at its discretion.
4. Characters and accounts:
4.1 When registering, you must use a valid e-mail. Accounts with a non-existent address may be deleted without warning.
4.2 Names of characters must be meaningful, readable and spoken.
4.3 The use of pseudo-cyrillic and other perversions is not recommended.
4.4 Write the names according to the grammar of the English language. The first letter of the name is uppercase, the rest is uppercase.
4.5 It is forbidden obscene, defiant, offensive or interfering with the gameplay names or titles.
4.6 It is forbidden to use in names, titles and names, the names of NPCs, characters of the administration (or similar to them), as well as names that are in the list of prohibited for use.
4.7 The account owner is fully responsible for everything that was done from under his account.
4.8 It is forbidden to share the account, as well as transfer the account to another person.
5. Gameplay:
5.1 It is forbidden to perform any actions that may interfere with the gameplay or lead to unstable server operation. It is also forbidden to conceal information about such actions.
5.2 It is forbidden to swear, obscene expressions, insults, threats, extortion, blackmail, sexual harassment, incitement of interethnic, interclass or interracial hatred, etc. etc.
5.3 It is forbidden to impersonate the administration of the server.
5.4 It is forbidden to demand from other players information that they consider secret.
5.5 It is forbidden to disrespect to the server administration. Challenging the actions of the administration is allowed only through the forum.
5.6 It is forbidden to spread rumors, misinformation about the administration of the server, as well as about other players.
5.7 It is forbidden to block passages.
5.8 It is forbidden to beg, pester the requests of other players or the administration of the server.
5.9 Flooding and spam are prohibited, writing one word per line, writing all words in upper case, repeating one line, advertising and anti-advertising.
5.10 Communication in a clan / group chat is regulated by the leader of the clan / group. Compliance with paragraph 5.2 of the rules in these channels is not monitored by the administration.
5.11 Any kind of fraud is prohibited.
5.12 It is forbidden to use programs or hardware that emulate the presence of a player in the game or disrupt the normal functioning of server software.
5.13 It is forbidden to write about leaving the server, or to encourage other players to stop the game.
5.14 It is allowed to write about game defects only on the forum, in the technical support section, in compliance with the rules of the section.
6. Forum:
6.1 It is forbidden to swear, obscene language, insults, threats, extortion