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Gracia Epilogue PTS - S2
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Question: I have lost my e-mail's password and how can I get back my account?

Answer: The only possible way to restore a forgotten password in the email address indicated in the registration, if you have lost access to the e-mail, than there is no other way to restore the it. The only opportunity is to change the email by personally interviewing with the administration.

Question: GM, will you add me in skype?

Answer: There is only one correct form of relationship with GM - to post in the relevant section of the forum. Posts are controlled and all moderators are obliged to answer them in the forum. The rest of other relationship forms are unofficial and the game manager is not obliged to read or discuss any issues with the player.

Question: When will you fix this skill GM?

Answer: If you want us to fix it quickly, we suggest you to find out the information on reliable sources on the Internet, compare to how it works now and send it to GM with its exact description(with screenshots,links). Game managers spend a lot of time searching and checking information, information provided by you will help us to take a necessary action quicker.

Question: How can I become a GM?

Answer: As a GM can become those who can help the players unselfishly, who follows the rules - not only by himself also encourages other players to follow them too, posts on our forum, informs us about violating the rules, helps us to fix the problems. Provides correctly selected notes on the functionality of the game and server, trying to test the things what for other players are lazy to do. All game managers who serve the server for now are more than 25 years, hardworking, trusted and honest employees. The status of GM they have received because of the above merits.

Question: Do you transfer characters from other servers?

Answer: No. Our goal is not to "sink" other Georgian or any other servers with unhealthy competition. If any server administration decides to cooperate with us, we will be glad of it.

Do the Donation spoils the server?

Answer: Taking care of the game server and maintenance of the project is always related to certain expenses. We do not make a short term projects, so the system of Donation is for covering the costs. Since we have a few years of experience in this field, we will try to maximize the balance between the category of players who have no and can not afford to donate.

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