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    Hmm, i think about nukers, i was playing somwhere on epilogue, on pts, it had also like so, if monster was 3 lvl higer you, than there was a chance to miss the magic skill, but it was on 76+ monsters. Soulshot lag bug, about it they have written that it will be... and i have changed subclass on 54 item count, mb u made something wrong. but about the quest reward and spoil item chance I think that they should make farm more easier for x50... i hope they will do it soon.
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    After 2 days with full playing, (like 10-11h a day), i want to say a few of things: 1.- Spoil/Drop still be a shit, it's not normal that you need to kill 50 moobs to get something that have 5% chance to drop. 2.-Quest about Dynasty still working bad(others too like dimensional fragment catacombs). The same about drop/spoil, it's stupid you need to kill around 15-20 moob, to get 1 drop quest, of course they give you x5 quest, but if you need to kill moobs around 20 times to get item quest, it's like retail x1, and i will remember you, this is a server x50 rate, not x1 rate, and just experience increase. 3.-About leveling nukers, if moobs pass you on 3-4 levels, you miss skills like a fcking hell, even when you are the same level or superior, you sometimes do 1 damage. 4.-About pulling moobs and drain: this just dont have sense, you cant pull any room with 10-15 moobs, if you dont have healer behind, just look FoG if you dont believe(with full A and imposible to farm, like others zone aswell). 5.-Soulshot lag bug. This one of the most annoying things for mages, just throwing skills like if you dont have soulshot active. 6.-Subclass: Still bugged on change sub class, you need to clear all your gear and inventory to change sub class. Right now, if admin dont change at least quest/farm to be a little easier farm, and fixed some bugs; i will be done with server. So please, fix your server.
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  6. What the hell ? nwa is a clan some BR friend made for 1-2 servers(l2 metal - l2 lion). I'm leader of SGC cp/clan. Sometimes we played a party in other clans and sometimes we made our own side/clan. www.youtube.com/Yeahakias
  7. Vote Rewards off ?

  8. Vote Rewards off ?

    They will be tradeble after server restart...
  9. Vote Rewards off ?

    How? Sry for spam... Untitled.bmp
  10. Vote Rewards off ?

    Sure you can
  11. Vote Rewards off ?

    I have another question about vote rewards, can i transfer them between chars? Ty for your help. Keep up the good work.
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    ტურტლე აღარ ქვრება, ვიტალიტის გასაყინი 10 წუთიდან გახდა 30. ჰპ/ცპ/მპ ამოვიღეთ. მანა ფოთიონი გახდა 15კ ადენა. და კლანებს ბონუსები დავურიცხეთ. სხვა დანარჩენი ხელუხლებელია
  14. kargi iqneba rom cvlilebebi dagepostat. hp/mp/cp heal rom amoiget eg kide jandabas magram B grade shadow weaponebi agar iyideba da ratom?...
  15. where are u guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys
  16. Turtle Aecetic

    gasagebia madloba
  17. Turtle Aecetic

    მხოლოდ ორ ჯუჯის ბაფს იძლევა ფაითერის, სხვა არაფერი, მთელ ფართიზე.
  18. kitxva maqvs, es pet mxolod warrior buffebs idzleva tu mage buffebic aqvs?
  19. Vote Rewards off ?

    L2topzone Votes have been fixed. Please click receive reward to receive reward!
  20. Vote Rewards off ?

    It works now , ty GMs, Admins, i got 3, for l2top.ru if you sing up on the website you dont need to wait 1 day.
  21. Vote Rewards off ?

    I have received 2 FA, i think its from mmotop.ru, on l2top.ru I have to wait one day
  22. Vote Rewards off ?

    Ok, lets wait and see.
  23. Vote Rewards off ?

    So, If you have voted first time for our server on l2top.ru you have to wait one day and you will get reward for the second vote, after which after every vote for our server will be sent to your account in 15 minutes. On mmotop.ru, if you have read your vote will have to wait 1 hour. On L2topzone.com, we have written them about the issue and tehy told us that it will be fixed in couple of hours. Restart to check if vote reward has come. Thank you for your udnerstanding.
  24. Vote Rewards off ?

    Hold on, We will check it.
  25. Vote Rewards off ?

    Yea clicked that button 3-4 times(click then wait 5 min to pass then clicked again) nothing happens, also i was at Dimensional merchant did't get anything just this message "There are no more vitamin items to be found" .
  26. Vote Rewards off ?

    Festival Adena is sent in game to Dimensional merchant. Also check the link
  27. Vote Rewards off ?

    Hello, sorry for spam, but i voted 1h ago and still did't get the rewards.. Voted on all 3 websites.

    ertjeradi bagia albat... eh arausahvs ras vizam davanebeb tavs. ver vpoulob.

    bolo bosi romaa Lematan, eg xom gemze unda teleportdebodes da ar vici sad aris gaqra.
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