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  1. About Server

    Weight is a problem actually. Consumables take huge amount of weight and if it is decreased I will need to buy shots all time just pay attention to it when you do weight limited action :))
  2. Fortress

    ფორტრესზე 10 წუთში თუ არ მოახდენ ყველა ბარაკის ოკუპაციას ავტომატურად დარესპავნდებიან მონსტრები. რაც შეეხება დაბალ დროპს, რა ლვლ ჩარით ფარმავ? მობები არიან სადღაც 70 ლვლ და მაგ ლვლ ჩარით უნდა გაფარმო წესით.
  3. Welcome to OBT!!

    The server is currently undergoing OBT. I played for 2 days here and I have to say it is pretty good. Of course there are small bugs and mistakes but they are already taken care of. What is most important is that Administration is very attentive and they react to each of players suggestions and bug reports. So feel free to join OBT and contribute to make this server more enjoyable for everyone after official opening .