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  1. About Server

    Hmm, i think about nukers, i was playing somwhere on epilogue, on pts, it had also like so, if monster was 3 lvl higer you, than there was a chance to miss the magic skill, but it was on 76+ monsters. Soulshot lag bug, about it they have written that it will be... and i have changed subclass on 54 item count, mb u made something wrong. but about the quest reward and spoil item chance I think that they should make farm more easier for x50... i hope they will do it soon.
  2. Vote Rewards off ?

    I have received 2 FA, i think its from mmotop.ru, on l2top.ru I have to wait one day
  3. So Lag

    I had no lags, played about 3 days on obt. My country spain.
  4. Hola todos

    Hola todos, Buena suerte y gracias Administrador para la sección de español.
  5. España

    Hola. Sería bueno tener sección para jugador de España. Gracias
  6. Solo players!

    Hello, Will there be any bonuses for solo players? for example starting bonuses, xp/sp or some events like that? Just interested.
  7. Olymp time

    Hello, anyone knows olymp duration? Thanks
  8. LF Party

    Hola todos, First of all, sorry for my bad English. Looking for party, and i can play for any profs except svs and bd, not fun of them. I dont have to much time, and i can play also as an extra member, my online is about 2-4 hours a day(not weekends) i am available after 9PM GMT +2. If anyone is interested for my vacation, please contact me here or in game, my name will be "ELdiablo. Good luck to everyone!!!