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  1. Buff Cat and Pony

    I'll be honest, to play a p2w I'm going to an official of any game.
  2. Buff Cat and Pony

    ... donatión... Pff ok.
  3. Buff Cat and Pony

    Buff Cat, pony y artesano 59min, no retail plz
  4. Buff Cat and Pony

    do a survey until the 15th and you'll see what the community thinks
  5. Buff Cat and Pony

    Hello, good evening again, I was looking at the server and I noticed a small detail that that I cared about ... buff cat and pony right now retail, I would like to know if you could put them on time as the other buff and I do not know if the artisan is retail but I add it to my demand in case it is. I await your response, thank you
  6. Queria preguntar si los forgo 81-83 serian auto learn.. ya que un x50 epilogue que vende armaduras grado a... y no venden forgotten .. me parece un tanto chistoso... queria venir con mi clan, pero quiero antes saber si tendremos los libros al menos para comprarlos de alguna manera.... es que de no ser asi.. me costara bastante convencer al clan... espero que lo mediteis.. si no los pensabais implementar en algun shop o que fuera auto aprendibles, mil gracias.