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  1. About Server

    After 2 days with full playing, (like 10-11h a day), i want to say a few of things: 1.- Spoil/Drop still be a shit, it's not normal that you need to kill 50 moobs to get something that have 5% chance to drop. 2.-Quest about Dynasty still working bad(others too like dimensional fragment catacombs). The same about drop/spoil, it's stupid you need to kill around 15-20 moob, to get 1 drop quest, of course they give you x5 quest, but if you need to kill moobs around 20 times to get item quest, it's like retail x1, and i will remember you, this is a server x50 rate, not x1 rate, and just experience increase. 3.-About leveling nukers, if moobs pass you on 3-4 levels, you miss skills like a fcking hell, even when you are the same level or superior, you sometimes do 1 damage. 4.-About pulling moobs and drain: this just dont have sense, you cant pull any room with 10-15 moobs, if you dont have healer behind, just look FoG if you dont believe(with full A and imposible to farm, like others zone aswell). 5.-Soulshot lag bug. This one of the most annoying things for mages, just throwing skills like if you dont have soulshot active. 6.-Subclass: Still bugged on change sub class, you need to clear all your gear and inventory to change sub class. Right now, if admin dont change at least quest/farm to be a little easier farm, and fixed some bugs; i will be done with server. So please, fix your server.
  2. Important information and last updates before the start!

    Uff too early start for me hahaha (Spain Will be 15:00 lunch time xD). Good luck all!
  3. About Bishops

    I didnt test expierencie from RB, but perphaps It could be the best way to level supports players? At least till 80 lvl
  4. some questions

    It isnt %chance too low till +4 or more on armors?.
  5. Change Subclass

    Ok, thanks!
  6. Change Subclass

    You cant change subclass if you dont clear like entire inventory and disarm all your gear, fix it please
  7. Buff Cat and Pony

    That's not true, and this why reiner it's say p2w server, cuz agation buff = 10min. and original buff from summoners = 2min, that's not fair At least, put both at 10min, or retail both to 2min, but i prefer that reiner say, 59min buff.
  8. What Server/Admins looking for

    I think you are Who dont test server, Good luck with Dynas set in 1 day playing alone(spoiler, artisan, farm quest level up players). Perphaps with bot like adrenaline you can do It, if you want to pay that bot. Some1 on server told me, believe me, un this server you wont see bot, and i told him, on all l2 server always you will find bots. For that i write my first message, cuz fair players alone, that only play 3-4h a day, dont have to do nothing on servers like this. Btw i like this Chronicle and i give a try
  9. What Server/Admins looking for

    Sorry but i dont test all things on server, i just look at solo test for server, so i didnt pay attention on donation shop, i just see that skills book on donation and get mind blown, just all, now i know what skills are.
  10. What Server/Admins looking for

    LOL i forgot on epilogue you need to farm lunargent and hellfire oil . However, can you buy 83+ skill vía donation shop? (Some skills can unbalance pvp... Like Spirit from SK, or Counter Critical for double Critical hits, etc etc).
  11. What Server/Admins looking for

    One Word: Thanks. I Will give a try to the server. I would like my clan will be here too, but some1 dont like Chronicle, another see "donation" and got crazy xD.. btw i love this Chronicle, and i Will try It. Of Course, right now i'm alone player (Spain) and normally when i play L2 i spend 3-4h per day
  12. After some many test, i can say this server is only for Clans (30-40 ppl) and CP's for pvp. Playing alone on this server has no sense, spoil it's so bad to try to get enchants armor/weapons, and if you want to kill raid boss alone on retail spawn.... Good luck. Btw casual players/Clans Dont have place here too. Why i'm saying this, Cuz rates it's x50 true, but you Will only get fast level, and if you are casual player hoy Will get S grade in 4-5 days with luck, more than that, for casual/alone players you will need to spend more days. So, What's Admins/Server looking for?
  13. About Spoil

    Ghost Batur (Crypts of Disgrace) Exploration of the giant cave part 1(the most weird quest i see right now, you need to kill around 6-7 moobs, to get drop quest, of course it's 3-6 quest drop, but if you need to kill more than 5, it's like x1, i prefer chance 100%, and drop 1-3 per moob) I dont test all quest, cuz it's take too long, without help gk, but to be honest i think entire quest on server is working like that, for some quest it's ok, but others.... This afternoon i will test spoil and some more quest, but like i say, i prefer less drop/spoil reward, and increased chance.
  14. About Spoil

    Now i've cheked database, and LOL, is rly low chances now xDD. btw on quest items, i know some quest need to be hard, but material and keys quest?. For me it's has no sense if you get for example adamantine/orichalcum/leonard, by killing, more fast than doing quest..., and same with keys/recipes. I think you need to find and equal with quest, and drop/spoil rate. Perphaps reward quest x2?
  15. About Spoil

    Drop and Spoil it's still so bad... at least on chimeras and entire HB, i kill again like 15-20 chimeras (6 darkness), and i get only 1 time elemental stone, and 0 ews from spoil, when chimera of darkness is 1 of the best moob to get ews via spoil. (yeah i know FoG is good too, but without mass sweep in this chronicle.... xD) PD: it's happen too with some quest, you need to kill 5-6 moobs to get items, like 1st part of giant cave (important quest to get high materiales and dynas weapon recipe).