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  1. Vote Rewards off ?

    Sure you can
  2. Turtle Aecetic

    მხოლოდ ორ ჯუჯის ბაფს იძლევა ფაითერის, სხვა არაფერი, მთელ ფართიზე.
  3. Vote Rewards off ?

    L2topzone Votes have been fixed. Please click receive reward to receive reward!
  4. Vote Rewards off ?

    So, If you have voted first time for our server on l2top.ru you have to wait one day and you will get reward for the second vote, after which after every vote for our server will be sent to your account in 15 minutes. On mmotop.ru, if you have read your vote will have to wait 1 hour. On L2topzone.com, we have written them about the issue and tehy told us that it will be fixed in couple of hours. Restart to check if vote reward has come. Thank you for your udnerstanding.
  5. Vote Rewards off ?

    Hold on, We will check it.
  6. Vote Rewards off ?

    Festival Adena is sent in game to Dimensional merchant. Also check the link

    გამარჯობა, გატესტილი გვაქვს ყველა პაილაკა და პრობლემა არ შექმნილა. კარგად გადაამოწმეთ ყველაფერი.
  8. პირად კაბინეტში უნდა შეხვიდეთ, მაგრამ ძველი ჩარები თუ იგულისხმეთ ისინი რა თქმა უნდა აგარ გეყოლებათ. ახალი ჩარი უნდა შექმნათ.
  9. წარმატებებს გისურვებთ ყველას!
  10. Good luck to everyone!
  11. Life time

    As we have announced that we are going to make the server long living, we will do our best to make it more than one year, also we have future plans regarding the server. there is nothing to worry about.
  12. Life time

    Hello MarkoKralj, Our first server was opened on 09.09.2017, but our experience in this field is more than 3 years. You can find YouTube videos under l2off.ge. Regarding party looking - please post it in the relevant section! Thanks for your interest.
  13. Happy Birthday

    We wish all of us good luck! Thanks Boss!
  14. Important information and last updates before the start!

    It will be 17:00 not 15:00, Spain timezone is GMT+1, our server start 20:00(GMT+4)
  15. About Bishops

    I think that on x50 server it is not so hard, I will say it is easy to lvl up even supports like bp and sws bd