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  1. PTS x50 Gracia Epilogue Server info

    L2OFF.GE - PTS Gracia Epilogue server description Mid Rate x50 PVP-Craft server About the server: Our server is considered as for Party players as Solo players! Server will be an international type. We are doing our best for server and players to be the best, also our server is a classic style, without any custom weapon or armor or any other strange things. Our Team is concentrated to deliver for the players the best quality of the Gracia Epilogue, as it was created by NCSOFT. That’s why you cannot find anything modified by us and it is so as it was meant to be. Our server is based on Official Platform, which guarantees stabile functioning. We have Anti-bot system specially created for and also it will be controlled in game too. After CBT there will be OBT and if you woud like to take a part in CBT you can contact us through Facebook or Forum. OBT Start - February 1, 20:00, 2018 (GMT+4), OBT End February 14, 20:00 Server Official Start - February 16, 2018, 20:00 (GMT+4) ~ SERVER TIME WILL BE GMT +4 ~ The description will be added and changed periodically / Keep an eye on the current topic regularly • Update 01/02/2018 - update in sub class section, raid boss section, other details. • Update 01/03/2018 - Added Sell function in Shop Section. • During OBT there will be avialable Global Shout. • Olympiad Cycle will be 1 week. • Update 02/10/2018 - Changes in reidboss respawn time. • Update 02/15/2018 - Updated to latest changes. • During the OBT and CBT , there will be avialable OBT Section, where you can raise your level, buy dynasties, and many other things that can help you in test period. Server Helper can be summoned with skill: Shop and other stuff: Common raits: Commands on our server: Voting for our server: The game currency on the server: SHOP: Profession, Sub-class, Nobless: Premium account: RB respawn time: Sieges and Territory wars: Olympiad: Auction: Hellbound: Macros and Soulshot lag: Skills: Donation: Other details: