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L2OFF.GE - Lineage II PTS Epilogue Server
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[GM] Lucas

Open Beta 1 February 20:00(GMT+4)

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Open Beta start is tomorrow at 20:00(GMT+4) 

Tomorrow at 20:00 (GMT+4) we will start open beta and you are welcome to test our server, to take part- it is enough to Register and to download our game client and updater from our Files.

You can find more information about our server at the following Link.

Everyone can take part in open beta, if you have not played on Official PTS platform before, you have opportunity to introduce yourself what we are talking about and what about is Official platform. We are representing PTS server of Gracia Epilogue, all skills are working as it should be on official platform and also many other details. L2OFF.GE - PTS server is offering our players complete classic server with original details, which had NCSOFT. On our server we have minimal donation system and also minimal changes, all changes we have made for our gamers.

We want to tell you that many people were taking part in closed beta only for to check skills, how they are working and to make difference among other servers, because of our server really represents an official platform of Gracia Epilogue. Of-course an official platform has also some bugs, but all the bugs are  minimized.

What do we advice you if you want take part in Open Beta?

Just be informed that main functions and proper working of game is tested and everything works as it should be, we advice you to test our rates, Adena drop, Spoil, KE drop and all other rates, quest rates and etc. Our server is hosted in Germany and there was no problem with its working, it is on for already two months and players who took part in closed beta were entering without any problems or issues. We also advice you to check Donate shop and event shop, Our Administration will try to take all of your advices and notes regarding shop (to add item or to remove)! Opinion of our players is on first place for us!

Will be there any events during the OBT?

 YES! During the OBT Olympiad will be activated, also you can buy sub class and nobless too, which will allow you to participate in the Olymp, Olympiad duration is 1 week and will be held between 2-8 February, every one who will became hero during this period, will be rewarded with 500 L2OFF.GE Coin. This will also allow players to test olympiad system and make sure that everything is working properly.

• Matches will be held only in non-class.

• Minimum required players are 5.

• When you will become hero, you should register on our forum and make post with a hero character's photo, otherwise you will not get any rewards. You must post it in General Section.


Will there be any other events on the server?

We are planing other Encouraging events, Which will be known in recent days. Keep an eye on our forum to see all the news.

We wish you a pleasant testing!



Kind regards,

Administration of L2OFF.GE

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