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Basically this is a topic we created with the few people from my Clan that joined the BETA and tested some stuff.
These suggestions aim to make the Server a better place for us and hopefully for all others too, I hope you will like them.

* Bug Report *
1) The name of Clan when you target a character doesn't fully show, it gets glitched with the image and letters get hidden.

* IMPORTANT Suggestions *
2) The epics are way too overrated on private servers, so many people gather for only 1 person to get an Item and that Item is not even that much OP. 3 random hours is way too much and demotivates people, especially those who will try for 3 hours and just fail PvP with nothing received or if they succeeded at PvP and just failed inside, that will discourage people to even try next time, I think +1 hour is the best for high tense and hard PvP, without much discourage for the people who lost, maybe Valakas/Antharas +2 hours.
3) I believe the Hero Polearm is way too op to be retail, it will make buffs 0 in no time, is there any ways to change that one? The Hero Polearm is designed because on official you have buffer in the party, here it's a x50 PvP-based Server I don't believe it needs to be that way.
4) Can you make us be able to buy Epics Quest Items (Floating Stone, Blood Fabric, Portal Stone, Frintezza's Magic Force) with Festival Coins or at least some way easier than doing the whole Quests, this way we will be able to have some active PvP at Epic Zones which will be fun instead of only having a very few people who happened to have the Quest?
5) Since this is claimed to be a craft x50 Server, I believe it would be good to make EXP Freeze function so we can spoil on low level areas without gaining exp.
6) This is another very important suggestion, if possible make a Clan Item like Reputation Scroll where it gives +500 Clan Rep each Scroll, I think this would be great and we can buy it with Festival Adenas maybe, us Clan lovers will really appreciate it trust me.
7) I noticed in the past and been told that Mage Weapons got lower succeed rates than Fighter Weapons on PTS. I tested it with Clannies and it seemed to be true here as well. This is very unfair, because on Gracia Epilogue the Top Classes are not the Nukers (spellsingers, sorcerors, spellhollowers, necromancers, etc.) but the Fighters (Gladis, DBs, GKs, Ghost Hunters, etc.) on PvP and Olympiad. If you don't believe me have any of the mentioned classes with same gear 1v1 each other Mage vs Fighter, the result is already known, Fighters will win always. Giving such a disadvantage to Mages who are by themselves not that powerful is unfair on my opinion and all enchants at least on S Grade+ weapons deserve to be the same regardless if Mage or Fighter.

* Other Suggestions *
8) Add few NPCs to Giran on the location at spawn/teleport, Giran is the place people gather so it would be great if you placed a few of them, for example a Warehouse close to GK, Mammon, maybe a gatekeeper to go to Towns-Citadel-Arenas(coli,giran,etc.)-few other Areas/Avant-Garde,etc.
9) I think it would be nice to approach another way to get Noblesse, maybe by paying an extremely high amount of Adenas like 500kk+/-.
10) Add a way so we can heal full HP/CP/MP in town(maybe), other than spamming CoV for HP.
11) Can you let us be able to put offline buffers like offline shops exist?

12) Is there a way to see the drops list of a mob, like in delusion whats the chances of each drop and what drops, etc.?
13) Is it worth making an alt char with buffer class? Are you planning to increase duration of some buffs in the future? For example, right now making a pony buffer is like 5-6 minutes buff while donating for Agathion it lasts for 10 minutes..

In your Server Information forum thread you don't state the following:
a) "Olympiad" doesn't say what hours oly will be open and which timezone.
b) "Sieges/TWs" don't say after they start how many days to wait till have them again, is it every 2 weeks?
c) "RBs" don't say spawn, only respawn, for example Valakas will be up when server opens or it will be up 11 days after server opened?
d) In that topic it says Olympiad cycle will be 1 week but also it says it will be 1 month I assume the first is only for OBT and second is for the actual opening?

DISCLAIMER: I think I saw 1-2 of the suggestions already exists on the Server but I wrote them up just incase I misread.

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2 hours ago, Administrator said:

Thanks for your interest in our server... Every question will be answered before the start, latest changes, suggestions and much more will be announced.

Can't wait to see all these nice things you mention. Meanwhile I try to get as many people as I can to come from my Clan but not much luck so far, I'll keep digging.

Edited by BOSS

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