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New Retail PTS HF5 x100!
Official Start 15 May 20:00 (GMT+4)!
How to start a game?Start the game with a few clicks of the mouse!
Step №1
Account Registration!
The first step to an interesting game is to register master account, and then create a game account!
After registering your master account, you need to log in to your personal account and add the desired number of game accounts.
Step №2
Files required for the game!
To play on our server it is necessary to download and install our client and patch!
1. Download Lineage II High Five Client!
First download and install the gaming client. It is recommended that you download our client!
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2. Download our patch & Updater!
Download our patch and copy the files in the game directory. The updater will update the actual files!
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Step №3
Check out the project!
Knowledge is power, and ignorance is a constant question in game chat =) Know all the promotions, bonuses and various options of our game servers!